This illuminating book features 12 fascinating and carefully researched chapters created especially for Christian children from age 5 up. It was written for people like you – people who love the Bible and want to share its life-changing stories with the younger generation.

You’ll love reading the beautifully illustrated fictional story accompanying each chapter. Then, together you’ll discover how each topic comes alive in the Holy Land, with information gleaned from the world’s top biblical scholars. And finally, for hours of meaningful fun, each chapter’s special message is brought home with the app’s original Bible-based games.

Reading this book with your children is a wonderful new way of fulfilling the Bible’s enduring precept about its truths: “Teach them to your children” (Deut. 11:19).
The games in this app are based on the acclaimed book Teach It to Your Children: How Kids Lived in Bible Days. The app features original, interactive ways for kids from age 5 and up to enjoy learning more, helping to plant Scripture ever deeper in their hearts. The game “Find the Lost Tools” helps your kids discover how people worked in Bible days, and “Biblical Foods” teaches the difference between what people in the Bible ate and how we eat today. And there’s much more: a puzzles to put together based on the book’s lively and informative illustrations, a challenge in mixing and matching ancient pottery, and a maze for leading a little lamb safely home as a biblical good shepherd always did. These and the app’s other activities are sure to provide hours of fulfilling fun for the whole family.